About the Order

Founded by a group of influential and wealthy beings on Coruscant the Order of the Canted Circle was established as a secret society which observed arcane rituals and gathered in secret to discuss politics and galactic goings-on. During the formative years, the founding members purchased a towering monad in the center of the Fobosi District which was said to stand in the middle of a volatile lake bed. Seismic activity had tilted the building; while the structure was sound and later restored, the tower's pinnacle chamber floor remained tilted. This "canted circle" that served as a floor would eventually give name to the Order.

Rituals, considered arcane and allegorical, were overseen by a Grand Mage, the leader of the Order. Numbering no more then five hundred members at a given time, inductions of new members were limited to a dozen being each decade, far short of the number of applicants. 

Some nine hundred years after its founding, the leader of the Order courted the wealthy Muun in an attempt to get him to join which ultimately failed. Some time later the Muun attended the initiation ceremony of one of his colleagues. Unbeknownst to the Muuns in attendance, the members of the Order gathered were in fact assassins of the Maladian Order; the real members of the Order had been gassed and their unconscious bodies stowed in a storeroom out of sight. The Muun managed to escape with his life but with grave injuries, his colleague did not survive.

After the attack surviving members of the Order kept quiet about the deaths, refusing to speak with investigators or Jedi. Rebuilding, the Order moved its induction ceremonies to the nearby Skydome Botanical building but membership declined steadly from that point on. At current membership is only granted by invitation and only to select beings.